Tips For Cleaning Your Home’s Siding 

Your house’s siding is part of the first impression you make on visitors. Not only is the aesthetic of your home’s siding important, but in practicality, it is the primary defense system against the harsh midwestern weather. Cleaning your home’s siding can help it last longer, and look newer. Here are several tips for cleaning the exterior of your home. 


Use a pressure washer or a hose:

When it comes to cleaning your home’s siding, using a pressure washer is the easiest way to finish the job fast. That being said, your home’s siding must be in good condition before you start. Before beginning, double check that both your siding and most recent exterior paint job are intact before using a pressure washer. If you are unsure about the condition of your siding, check out this blog to see some warning signs that it is due for replacement! 

However, if you don’t own a pressure washer, the next best option is to use a hose and a soft bristled brush. Before beginning, wet a section of siding with the hose ensuring to keep the water stream out from underneath the siding. Using a bucket filled with water and Dawn dish-soap, dip your soft bristled brush in the mixture. Then, lightly scrub the panels working from the top down. This ensures you won’t get water underneath the siding. One of the best reasons to choose Dawn dish soap is because it is tough enough to take away dirt and grime, but gentle enough that it won’t remove the weatherproofing on the vinyl. 


The right way to pressure wash:

If you choose to pressure wash, here are a couple of helpful pointers before you begin. While pressure washing, stand three to five feet away from the house to begin and stick with a low pressure setting. As you discover what level of water pressure successfully clears the dirt off, move closer or further away. Start pressure washing on a small section from the top backside of your home, and move your way to the frontside. 

If you are pressure washing on vinyl siding, take caution and only pressure wash from a 90 degree angle downwards. If you point the pressure washer on the underneath of the siding, it can seep into the underside and cause mold growth. 


Close vents and windows 

Before you break out the power washer, check that vents, windows, and any other openings that lead to the inside of your home are closed. The number one issue you must actively combat while power washing your home is preventing water damage. Water that seeps into your home can cause mildew, mold or rot and compromise the integrity of the structure. If you have any openings without a vent or a window, consider using painters plastic and painters tape to create a barrier over the opening. 


Is your vinyl warped? Cracked? Faded?

If you clean your siding and notice any one of these issues listed above and you are looking to replace your siding, Younger Exteriors is here to help! For questions on vinyl siding, or exterior contracting services in and around Golden Valley, MN, call us at Younger Exteriors, Inc., at (612)-360-0320.