4 Common Roof Problems 

When it comes to home maintenance, your roof is the most important part of your home. Living in the Midwest means battling extreme weather conditions year round. In the last several years, cities like Elk River, Otsego and Ramsey have seen some intense storms, and storm damage. Because of this weather, your Minnesota roof takes on more wear and tear than most other homes in the United States. The key to roof maintenance is knowing the problems that might arise, and how you can combat them. Here are four common problems that you could have with your roof. 


1. Roof leaks 

Roof leaks are the foremost issue most homeowners face. Roof leaks come in all shapes and forms, both visible and invisible. Even if you don’t believe your roof is leaking, there is still a chance that standing water is settling into your roof. On the flipside, you might be seeing roof leaks inside the house. If you start pulling out buckets from your kitchen cupboards the minute you hear rain, it’s time to have Younger Exteriors stop out for a FREE inspection and estimate. 


2. Storm damage and weather damage 

Though the Midwest is a beautiful place to live, the extreme weather conditions will take a toll on your home. The second biggest roofing problem most homeowners face is storm damage. Between ice storms in the winter, hail storms in the spring, and heavy rains during the summer–your home is bound to have signs of storm damage. With weather related damage, the repairs needed usually range on a scale from minor to full restoration. 

If your roof has been damaged in a storm, you can count on Younger Exteriors 15 years of experience to help restore your home. Our home exterior experts will assess the damage done, and we will also work with your insurance company to ensure everything is repaired to its pre-storm conditions. 

3. A bad installation job 

Unfortunately, another problem you might face as a homeowner is a bad installation job on your roof. A few signs of a bad installation job include: an uneven appearance of the shingles, the lack of decking and flashing, or no attic ventilation. Other signs include a leaky roof after a recent replacement, shingles falling off or lifting up in groups. At Younger Exteriors, we’re experts at spotting roofs with bad installation jobs, and restoring them to better than their original condition. If you believe a previous contractor did a bad installation job, contact us today for a FREE estimate! 


4. Water damage 

Alongside weather and storm damage, water damage is another common cause of roof issues. From the inside of your home, your roof might seem waterproof. But even if your roof isn’t leaking and seems water tight, standing water can still settle inside cracks and crevices. Water damage is a slow progression up until it becomes a problem you can’t ignore. If you’ve got questions about water damage, give us a call today! At Younger Exteriors, we’re the roofing company that specializes in restoring roofs to prevent any future interior water damage. 

At Younger Exteriors, we take pride in being an expert exterior contractor. For over 15 years, we’ve been serving homeowners from roof repair to full replacement. If you believe your roof is showing any of the 4 above signs, contact us today to schedule your FAST and FREE estimate!