A storm has just damaged your home, what do you do next? In the midst of the chaos, there are many questions flying through your head. “Is my roof leaking?” or “What type of repairs will my home need?” By the time you begin thinking about the storm damage insurance claim, you’re likely in the midst of figuring out repairs. At Younger Exteriors, we want to make storm damage insurance claims an easy process for you. Here are three simple steps to follow if your home has been damaged in a storm. 

  • Call your roofing contractor

In the aftermath of a storm, the first thing you need to do is prevent additional damage from happening. In all likelihood, there might be several smaller storms that follow the storm that caused the initial damage. Because homeowners insurance policies don’t usually cover damage due to delay of repairs, you’ll want to call your roofing contractor right away. When your roofing contractor arrives, they will cover up the damaged area of your home and protect it from additional damage in the interim before major repairs can be completed. 

  • Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider 

After controlling the damage, contact your homeowner’s insurance provider to begin the insurance claim process. In all likelihood, the insurance adjuster will show up at your home after a contractor has already started working on covering up the damage, creating temporary repairs, or quite possibly making the permanent repairs. Once an insurance adjuster comes to your home, you will be provided with a proof-of-loss form for damage and losses to your home. A roofing contractor will then step in and work closely with the adjuster to ensure you receive proper compensation. 

  • Get it in writing 

Third, make sure to get everything in writing with your roofing contractor. Whether it’s a storm damage estimate, or a free storm damage inspection, having written proof allows you to quickly revisit details at a later date. Contracts should include manufacturer warranties and craftsmanship guarantees from your home contractor. Contracts should also include an itemization of material and labor costs with an estimate of what you can expect when the work is completed. 

Why choose Younger Exteriors for storm restoration?

At Younger Exteriors, we take pride in working closely with our customers and walking them through each step of the process. If you choose to work with us, we want you to know that we will take every measure to ensure a smooth storm damage insurance claim process. From prompt communication to answering follow-up questions, we will be beside you from the initial call to project completion. 

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