Every year, hail and high-velocity winds cause billions of dollars of damage in the United States.

In and around Golden Valley, we’re all too familiar with the wreckage that hail storms can bring, and hail storms spare nothing, perhaps causing extensive damage to your roof, your siding, your vehicles and anything else in its path.

Dime-sized hailstones travel at about 20 MPH, while baseball-sized hailstones can reach speeds of up to 110 MPH.

Some signs of hail storm damage are unmistakable, like broken windows and car dents. But, it’s the smaller, less noticeable damage from hail storms that require an experienced eye to spot. Read on to learn more about the damage hail can do to your home and who to call to remedy hail storm damage.


Hail damage to a roof can range from seemingly minor cosmetic damage to obvious signs of more costly damage, such as torn or missing roofing shingles. But, when it comes to your roof and hail, no damage is minor as it can lead to more apparent and more expensive roofing problems in a relatively short period of time.

Following are some of the specific types of hail damage that can occur, whether dime-sized hail or much larger projectiles:

  • Shingle Granule Loss: Shingle granules are the abrasive sand-like materials that protect the asphalt from exposure to the elements. The loss of granules will accelerate the aging of your roof.
  • Shingle Cracks: High-velocity hail and winds have the ability to grip roofing shingles and cause cracks and tearing. Shingle tears expose the layers of your roof, which render it essentially ineffective against the elements.
  • Exposed Or Fractured Mat: Hail impacts can fracture the roofing shingles’ surface and can cause it to separate from the layer of fiberglass mat beneath. The fiberglass mat itself may become exposed to the elements or fractured.
  • Damaged Self-Seal Strip: The seal integrity of roofing shingles is often weakened by hail and high winds. Once this has happened, shingles can blow off leaving the layers of your roof exposed. A shingle damaged in this way is permanently compromised.


The most important thing to remember about hail damage or possible hail damage is not to ignore it. Ignoring hail and storm damage can snowball and create more damage than originally sustained. Leaks can spring up, and roofing materials and timber can become damaged, which can lead to mold and rot.

The second most important step when your home has been through a hail storm is hiring the right contractor. It could turn out that you’re going to need to deal with insurance companies. So, hire a contractor that will act on your behalf in negotiating with the insurance company so that you are given every dollar that is due.

This is another reason why getting your roof inspected, to spot less visible hail and storm damage, is so important. Your contractor should conduct the inspection for free and clearly explain any damage your roof and home has sustained and the best remedies for your unique situation.

At Younger Exteriors, we offer FREE NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATES on your roof and home. We provide an itemized list of any damage sustained and a clear estimate on the costs, whether roof repair or replacement. If you suspect your home may have been damaged by hail, don’t hesitate. Call Younger Exteriors today (612) 360-0320 !