Undertaking a home-improvement project can be exciting and challenging any time of year. Replacing the siding on your Twin Cities Metro home is a perfect example. The excitement stems from deciding what kind of look you want to give your home. Do you go with vertical siding, horizontal siding, or a combination of siding styles? Which is better, vinyl or fiber-cement siding? What colors are you choosing for the siding and trim, not to mention which siding texture entices you? You get the idea. You’re redesigning your favorite place, and you’re having heaps of fun with your imagination.

With any home-improvement project, however, there are going to be challenges ahead with tough questions to answer and key decisions to make. What is the budget for siding replacement? Which contractor do we hire? How long does siding replacement take? Does it matter which season to replace home siding? The long answer to this last question also answers the preceding three questions before it. Keep reading to understand why fall is the best time to replace home siding in our neck of the woods.


There are generally more requests for replacement siding estimates during the spring and summer months here in the Twin Cities Metro area. This implies that the demand for siding materials and siding installers and home contractors is higher during the spring and summer than it is during the fall and winter seasons. Following Economics 101 of the supply and demand model, lower demand often equates to lower prices.


Home contractors are affected by supply and demand economics as well. The busier a home contractor tends to be, the more his or her bids for projects maintain the integrity of their value without discounts. During the fall, as work slows down heading into winter, you may find that many contractors offer lower bids than normal to keep their employees working as long as possible.


Another advantage to replacing siding in the fall is more moderate weather and temperatures compared to the summer or winter. This is important to how siding is handled and installed. During the warmer summer season, vinyl siding (by far the most popular siding material) expands and softens. During the bitter cold winters in the Twin Cities Metro area, vinyl siding contracts and may crack during installation. Further, if you are installing fiber cement siding in rain, snow, or freezing temperatures, the siding warranty is voided by some top siding manufacturers.


When considering the advantages for installing replacement siding in the fall, there may also be personal advantages for a fall install. If you have children in the home, they’ll be going back to school in the fall and won’t be around the construction zone of your home as much. With less demand for replacement siding in the fall, you may be able to schedule installation with your favorite contractor when it’s most convenient for you.

If you are considering a siding replacement for your Twin Cities Metro home this fall or any season, contact the siding pros at Younger Exteriors via our easy online form or by simply calling (612) 360-0320. We offer FREE SIDING ESTIMATES and a 10-YEAR CRAFTSMANSHIP GUARANTEE with our home siding replacements.