Many people may not realize the importance of a thorough roof inspection, independent of the standard home inspection, when buying a home. You can’t assume a home inspection is going to fully include the real condition of an existing roof no matter the roof’s age. It could be a costly assumption.

Not to worry. The roofing professionals here at Younger Exteriors have your back. Read on to learn the ins-and-outs of roof inspections and how we can help. Further, you’ll gain peace of mind from a professional roof inspection and gain bargaining power during price negotiations.

Receive Expert Roofing Advice

Roof damage (even minor roof damage) can cause extensive and expensive structural damage you don’t want or don’t need to deal with when buying a home. With the expert advice you’ll receive with a professional roof inspection, and since standard home inspections aren’t enough for an accurate roof assessment, an expert roof inspection before a home sale should be a no-brainer.

Just like anything else in a home, roofs have a shelf life. That shelf life is contingent upon the materials used to construct the roof, the quality of the roof installation, and the quality of the maintenance the roof receives year after year. The last point is poignant in light of the potential for storm and hail damage each year in the Twin Cities Metro area, and even more reason to hire a professional roofing company for an independent roof inspection.

The roofing system consists of much more than the outer layer of shingles you see. A professional roof inspection will give you expert advice and insight into the condition of the underlying layers, the soundness of attic timber, condition of attic insulation, and if any roofing leaks or damage has damaged other areas and structure of the home.

Gain Leverage In Price Negotiations

After a professional roof inspection, you’ll have the results and facts you need to make an accurate offer on the home you are considering buying entering price negotiations. For example, if you only have a general home inspector’s report stating the roof has several years of useful lifespan left, the value of the roof may be prorated leading to a modest decrease in the sale price of the home.

On the other hand, with a detailed roof inspection report, you know the true scope of necessary roofing repairs or repairs related to structural damage of the home. If the report states the roof is going to need to be replaced soon, you are bringing facts to the table that would have been missed and adversely affect your pocketbook later when you must replace the roof.

When you are going into a home buying situation or negotiation, you should have the following:

  • A home inspection report
  • A roof inspection certificate from a roofing contractor
  • Estimates on the costs of any upcoming repairs that the roof inspection discovered (including estimates of repairs to home structure)
  • Homeowner documentation of all roof maintenance and repairs

With documentation in hand, you won’t be hit with unforeseen repairs with a huge bill later. You can’t assume a home warranty is going to cover roof-related repairs. It may not.

Armed with the facts, you’ll have peace of mind going into any home buying negotiations. If you need a professional roofing contractor to perform a roof inspection, give us a call 612-320-0320 at Younger Exteriors. We’ll be here when you need us!