With warmer temperatures ahead of us, it also means storm season is just around the corner. If you’re like many homeowners, you do what you can to prepare your home ahead of storm season, and hope for the best. But, are you doing everything you can to get your home and roof ready to weather the inevitable and unpredictable storms? Younger Exteriors has put together some tips to help you better prepare your roof and home ahead of storm season. Here’s what to know.


In order to know where you stand with the condition of your roof, you should get a roof inspection. Call a trusted home exterior contractor that offers free roof inspections to inspect your roof for you. You need an honest and comprehensive assessment to see where you need to make repairs if necessary before the elements start howling and storming. Your gutter system should be inspected as well to make sure it isn’t clogged anywhere and is draining as it should.

You also want to hire a home contractor that will inspect the siding and windows of your home. Ask the contractor to take pictures and video of your roof and home. If you are hit with storm or hail damage, pictures and video of your roof and property before the storm hit can come in handy with your insurance claim.


Suppose you have a little loose flashing on the roof or a few loose shingles. That’s actually a big deal that needs to be taken care of with the proper repair. Once wind takes hold, it can uplift an entire section of roof material and let water pour into your attic. You also want to make any repairs you may need to the siding and windows of your home. A well prepared roof and home will withstand storms much better than a roof, siding, and windows that are in disrepair.


Take a look at the trees around your home and see if there are any branches that need to be cut back. If you’re not sure whether some branches may need trimming, it’s best to call in a tree service company to assess the situation. If a heavy tree limb falls on your roof, it could cause a lot of damage. That’s one headache you don’t want to go through with your homeowner’s insurance company.

Additionally, remove smaller dead branches that could break loose and fly through a window or damage siding. It’s not just the large tree limbs that can do substantial damage to your home.


During the fall and winter seasons, a whole bunch of leaves, sticks, and other debris can collect in your gutters. You definitely don’t want clogged gutters heading into storm season. In fact, gutters carry away thousands of gallons of water each storm season on the average size home. If your gutters are clogged or in disrepair, a lot of that water can spill over and seep down to your home’s foundation. Further, standing water can penetrate under roofing shingles and whisk horizontally into your attic and down walls. Take good care of your gutters, and they will take good care of your roof, walls, and foundation.


You can trust Younger Exteriors to provide you with a comprehensive, honest, and FREE estimate of your roof, siding, and windows. We want your roof and home to be well prepared ahead of storm season! Call on us today for all your home exterior needs (612) 360-0320 !