The experts at Younger Exteriors can give countless reasons to install siding this winter instead of waiting for the spring. If you have been thinking about repairing or replacing the siding on your home, why not consider a winter siding project? Our professional installation technicians work year-round to provide quality, durable siding in many styles to homeowners throughout the Twin City Metro area.

Below, we share our top four reasons to consider installing your new siding in the winter.

#1 Protect Your Home Exterior from Ice and Snow

Minnesota winters can be hard on siding, roofing, gutters, and windows. If you put off storm damage repair, snow and ice could cause expensive water damage once it starts to melt in the spring. Replacing siding early gives your home a protective barrier against the elements.

#2 Keep Out the Cold Weather With Improved Insulation

Is your current siding damaged or outdated? Installing siding this winter might be a great way to protect your property against cold temperatures. Energy-efficient siding also has long-term benefits besides increasing energy efficiency, such as:

  • protecting pipes during freezing temperatures
  • extending the life of your heating system
  • reducing winter heating bills
  • improving curb appeal in time for the holidays or the first days of spring

#3 Protect Your Plants and Trees

Is old siding detracting from your home and garden’s curb appeal? For homeowners with beautiful landscaping, one of the best reasons for installing siding this winter is to minimize the risk of damage to plants during the siding installation process.

At Younger Exteriors, the team works hard to keep growing plants out of our way, but scheduling the project in winter before the plants start to bloom ensures complete peace of mind.

#4 Flexible Scheduling and Faster Installation

Many homeowners don’t plan exterior home projects like siding replacement until spring or summer. Why not take advantage and schedule a convenient installation time and date in the winter months? The air is drier, and you won’t have to worry about rain delaying our work.

At Younger Exteriors, we’re used to working through the Minnesota winter. We will get your new siding up quickly at an affordable price. Planning the new siding for winter also allows you to enjoy your home’s exterior throughout the spring and summer.

Get a Younger Exteriors Estimate on Siding Installation Today

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